Successful Marriage, Successful Children part 4

Number  4--go outside of your marriage for counseling and input when you reach  an impasse. Go outside your marriage. Your kids sometimes can push you to the wall, and you're just not objective. So my wife and I, we're committed to every principle  I’m talking to you  right now. We got to a circumstance we couldn't solve and we couldn't talk it out, and it went on for a while. And we had a disagreement about  one of our kids. And our kids were great kids ( raising children).
But, you know, the kids challenge you. And we had a circumstance that came up that I had an opinion on and she had an opinion on.  And it happened every day. It wasn't like one of those things that comes up every  months. It was an everyday event within our family. And so we were challenged on this. So, I was a pastor. And I told  my wife one day, pick who  you want to go to and we'll go  to them and I’ll submit to  whatever they say. And she said,  well, who do you feel  comfortable with? So we talked  about who we felt comfortable  with. It was a pastor. And it was a woman.
And so we walked into this woman's office that we both respected. And here's what I said. Now, we're not here just to get your advice. We're here to submit to your counsel. We have an impasse  in our family. And there's something going on with one of our children that we cannot solve. So we're not going to argue with you. We're going  to tell you what's happening, and whatever you say is going to be God's voice to us. We've already decided that. So she said, well, tell me what's happening. So my wife gave her side and I gave my side. And she told me I was wrong ( raising children).
My wife was right. But I couldn't see it. I was too emotionally involved and I was strongly opinionated and I just couldn't see it. Let me say,   thank God for that woman that  counseled us. Thank God.   And thank God that I walked in there submitted and not arguing.  Because she took my wife's side.  But it wasn't my wife's side,  it was God's side,  because my wife was right.
Number 5, parenting takes  faith. It takes faith. You've  got to be faith-filled to  parent, especially in the days  that we're living in. Train your child  up. Now, training doesn't mean  talking. Training means showing.  It includes telling,  but it means living in front of.   Talking is teaching,  it's not training. Train your  children up. Show them how to  live successfully and when they  become mature, they'll return to  what you showed them. That doesn't  mean you won't have challenges.  And it doesn't mean there won't  be some difficult moments  in the meantime, but if you  train them up--you have to have  faith that if you do the right thing in front of them, they'll return to that one day ( raising children).

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