Successful Marriage, Successful Children part 1

How can your children  succeed unless they see you  succeed?  You should be raising  great children as you  build a great marriage. We're  going to talk about principles, very simple   principles, that are very   profound.   I promise if you  do these principles, because  everybody can do it, these   principles will cause you  to succeed.   When couples  do not succeed in being married  successfully and raising great  kids, it's because somewhere   along the line, these principles  were forsaken. 
So principle  number one of the –marriage  precedes children in priority.  Now, I know that you believe that, but let me tell you about something that's real common. Again, this is innocent and it's right in some ways, but sometimes you'll hear people say nothing is as important to me as my children. There are two things more  important than your children. First is God and the second is your marriage. So as a happy person, because I know God, and then because of being a happy man because I have a great marriage, I'm ready to be parent ( raising children).
I'm not overly needy. I've got my needs met. I've got my priorities right. And my children's security comes from that. When your children see you happy, they're happy. When your children see you secure, they're secure. Research   finds--you know, children  internalize issues--and research  finds that if parents are  fighting and never say anything,  children can pick up  on the tension in their relationship and they will internalize that and begin to get sick.  Even if you're not fighting in front of them. If you're not happy in your  relationship, if you're struggling in your relationship, and I'm talking about long-term, because we all have issues from time to time. But if you're struggling in a relationship, you cannot be secure. And your children's security comes from you being secure. You can't be secure in your children, you're secure from God and then your marriage. Especially God. and so God comes before children. And marriage comes  before children, and then our children.  They are precious and they deserve the best from us.  So to follow principle number one, you have be in a secure, stable relationship ( raising children).

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