Raising internet-safe children ( part 3 )


We need to teach our children to dream,  we need to help our children put down technology,  we need to take our children outdoors,  we need to give children an adventure in their own backyards.  No matter where you live in the world, you can take your child outside,  away from technology, and let them experience dreaming.  Let them sit, let them stare in the sky, let them think about anything,  let them think about nothing, because that's where the creativity comes in.  So create these opportunities to allow your children to dream ( raising children).

Your children are sponges.  They observe everything you do and everything you say. So if you are on your device all the time, at the dinner table, when they are talking to you, guess what they are going to grow up into? Technology should never go to bed with the children at night. Ever. Create a place in your home where all technology goes to bed, where all the devices get plugged in to recharge. Just as we need a good night sleep to recharge ourselves,  so does the technology  ( raising children).

 Why is this so important?  When I was young, bullying was localized. It happened at school, it happened on the playground, it happened on the street corner, but when I got home, it was a safe haven, the bullying stopped. Today, with technology, we have the ability and the capability to be a target of bullies  hours a day. Every single day. So you need to help take technology away from your children at night, this gives their minds a chance to reset, to stop harping on all the negativity that may be coming their way.

It's a good practice to start in your home as early as possible. So you as a parent have a choice to make.  I would like to suggest  that at least once a day you put down your technology.  You look your child in the eye, you tell them you love them, you give them a big hug because no technology can do that. Choose to be present for your children and your children will be present for you  ( raising children).

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