Raising an entrepreneur part 6


I started to learn at a young age. Remember, I was being groomed to do this. I was not allowed to have jobs. I would caddy, I would go to the golf course and caddy for people. But I realized that there was this one hill on our golf course, the hole that had this huge hill. And people could never get their bags up it. So I would sit there with a lawn chair and just carry up all the people who didn't have caddies. I would carry their golf bags up to the top, and they'd pay me a dollar. Meanwhile, my friends were working for five hours to haul some guy's bag around and get paid bucks. I'm like, "That's stupid because you have to work for five hours. That doesn't make any sense." You just figure out a way to make more money faster ( raising children).

Every week, I would go to the corner store and buy all these pops. Then I would go up and deliver them to these old women playing bridge. And they'd give me their orders for the following week. And then I'd just deliver pop and I'd just charge twice. And I had this captured market. You didn't need contracts. You just needed to have a supply and demand and this audience who bought into you. These women weren't going to go to anybody else because they liked me, and I kind of figured it out. I went and got golf balls from golf courses. But everybody else was looking in the bush and looking in the ditches for golf balls. I'm like, screw that. They're all in the pond and nobody's going into the pond. So I would go into the ponds and crawl around and pick them up with my toes. You just pick them up with both feet. You get the golf balls, and you just throw them in your bathing suit trunks and when you're done you've got a couple hundred of them. But the problem is that people didn't want all the golf balls. So I just packaged them.

I packaged them up three ways. I had the Pinnacles and DDHs and the really cool ones back then. Those sold for two dollars each. And then I had all the good ones that didn't look crappy. They were 50 cents each. And then I'd sell 5 at a time of all the crappy ones. And they could use those for practice balls. I sold sunglasses, when I was in school, to all the kids in high school. This is what really kind of gets everybody hating you, because you're trying to extract money from all your friends all the time. But it paid the bills. So I sold lots and lots of sunglasses. Then when the school shut me down -- the school actually called me into the office and told me I couldn't do it -- so I went to the gas stations and I sold lots of them to the gas stations and had the gas stations sell them to their customers. That was cool because then I had retail outlets. You know we teach our kids and we buy them games, but why don't we get them games, if they're entrepreneurial kids, that kind of nurture the traits that you need to be entrepreneurs? Why don't you teach them not to waste money ? ( raising children).

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